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    Ylva 7.0

    By Faith, 2022-03-10
    Ylva 7.0

    Yep! That's it, you know, when we usually say we're evolving to 2.0, hm, I've passed that stage (in my world). After all the years of development, courses with Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Neale Donald Walsch, Arielle Ford, among others. I have now advanced all writing courses that I have had combined with my everyday life.

    Last week I trained as an Infinite Possibilities Trainer. It started with the fact that many years ago, I signed up to get "Notes from the Universe" for a 21-day event in January, the feeling of finally getting all the pieces of the puzzle together.

    Shit, I'm 62 years old (young with lots of experience); it's taken time, but what time, what challenges, what knowledge I've created. But only now did the piece of the puzzle come that made me understand what I was subconsciously driven towards. Maybe I sound excited, but that's just the basis of life right now.

    I still look the same (haha) even though I don't feel the same inside.

    It feels like everything I have been doing has been given a common thread. For so many years, I have had an inner conflict with divination; I want to inspire.

    Now I have the tools; my whole perception of life was gathered these days. I am in senseless happiness, a joy felt in my stomach, much like butterflies. I understand all the challenges I have gone through, the ones that my soul has created for me to come to insight, the knowledge that we all create our lives. I always thought, but not taken control of before except as in the sentence before, only blamed on my soul.

    If you've been following me for a while, you've probably taken part in all the twists and turns; I've never felt sorry for myself no matter what the situation, but bit together, trusted that God has a plan. Now I have the plan. This does not mean that everything in life has fallen into place; it would be downright boring. But no matter what "trouble" is left, I'm so happy; it does not matter. The insight is that thanks to all the hassle, I know where the resources are to create.

    Life is a beautiful challenge, but it also pays attention to everything that creates opportunities. In my ecstasy, I have put together two separate times for a course in Infinite Possibilities (in Swedish). Jippie :)
     the first time I have a course in materials that are not mine but which I can handle with experience inspire from because that is what drives me, to inspire to find their potential.

    The saying - Life is perfect just as it is right now - lasts longer than before; no matter what is going on in life, it is about creating the best of life.

    I take the opportunity to say that I have never frozen as much in my entire life as I have done lately (even though I live in Spain). In the evening, I have also had my most exclusive (read most expensive) web meeting here; the electricity tariff was up for an hour at 700$; wow! Before, I had panicked; now, I thought that cool, talk about exclusive and cozy with lit candles (a feeling I have not had since our house burned down).

    There are cleansings to the right and left uncertainty, but I am not lost anymore. I have this good feeling inside me, knowing that I have been on the right track but have not dared to trust my GPS. But hallelujah, life here is me.

    What's going on in my life (publicly) is the perfection of recorded text from my books, which made my voice collapse felt like a thorny ball in the middle of my throat. I review distance courses; I have three educations, every other Sunday = Tarot, every other Tuesday I alternate runes and aura and colors. Wednesday evenings, there is a distance course in the Celtic Cross. I translate texts from Swedish to English simultaneously as I study Spanish with the conviction that I will speak fluently at some point. I have let go of my worry of not being understood or instead laughed at by Swedish for my English, for shit I know Swedish, English and a little Spanish, not bad pinked by a wooden horse, type. In my everyday life, I have a new family member, I do some gardening, and have some chaos about the house. Still, I think that is more focused on now, as I have understood the meaning of "Thoughts become things."

    We can focus thoughts on one thing and the other, mine are more focused now, with acceptance the times I miss that "what we resist, remains" but shit the same, the feeling in the stomach is wow, I suspect there are days, moments with challenges but play a role. Ah, I'm more relaxed than before, though challenges have only dragged me down for shorter periods. I now have the tools to handle them better. I share them with me in my new courses. *Bounces of anticipation in the chair ".

    Now I'm going out in the sun, warming up my voice (warmer outside than inside). Drinking a cup of coffee is in gratitude because, as usual, gratitude is essential.

    Ps. 7 is my favorite number; that's why 7.0 because I feel me.

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