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    A new week

    By Faith, 2018-02-26
    A new week


    I have an expectation that I will be in my best shape at the start of the week. For some days I've been completely dizzy since I have TBE (cephalitis of tick) and get some dips now and then. Its been so bad I haven't even been able to be on the computer. But one day I manage to put some of my private books up for sale, and wow, they are rare, some are even out of printing. One of the books I want to sell someone had already out for $600.

    And talking about being out of order, I got my first review if my book Tarot, cards on the table. Sometimes it's not easy with different cultures even if we, Swedes think in some way were alike the European and American. In Swedish, its a book without any headlines, it's like a flow, lite a course with me, but you can put the book away, or can you? ;) I wonder if I should write a similar book about Aura. Like Aura, the colors on the body? Hun, on or in? For its both, what will I then choose, the colors through the body? I would like the title to be as clever as my Tarot book is in Swedish, but not with that title. But when I think about, I have already written that book, but not with a clever title it is - Ylvas aura letters. 

    Its lucky (read the perfect syncronize) that I have started with simpleology, for tomorrow is my last day for the orange belt. And it has been easy for I already made the assignments that I was supposed to do, just checking out that I have control over it. Feels kind of funny that I started with something and that it later was in a course, its a lot of cleaning up. And what time I save to have fewer things and more organized. Before I had everything in order in the unordered, and now I have just order. 

    I have a daily schedule that has fallen apart the last days. I'm lucky its Monday and a new week tomorrow and that I'm now sitting up can think, that means that its the usual scatterbrained me. I had a good day, a blog created at Yiang, then rested on the sofa to some movies, and then a blog on my page. But I'm excited for this week to come, even though it's so cold outside, I have to go outdoors now and then since they are tearing down my old house that is only two houses away. It feels like an epoch is ending, the first home that was "mine," where I lived alone, and that was my safety. I realize it will be an emotional relief when the house is gone, at the moment I have a home that I love, and that peculiar feeling to see my old home every time I go outside, and it's only a shell left. Half the house is torn down, and its funny that they are tearing it apart now when I'm into all this cleaning up stuff, all the old shall be buried. 

    In connection with my blog on Yiang, I had some thoughts, and most peculiar is that I'm so pleased with my life (or maybe I'm confused before, at the now and later TBE) because I don't feel like I have any spiritual questions at all. It feels like I should have, deep, hard, insights but instead, I'm in the faith with my soul, and it knows what its doing, even with TBE it makes me relax. 


    This morning I take a deep breath because I felt that I still was dizzy from TBE even though I felt so well last night. But I went outside to see how far they got with tearing my old house apart, darn its cold outside. 

    Then I sat down at the computer and opened a mail for the review of my book in English. And now its really dizzy in my head and not from TBE (a little maybe but) Now I have to think about getting rid of my home blindness, my own values and what I think is a winning concept in the way I created that book, it needs headlines (me don't like). *sigh* That was one of the cool things with the book, no headlines, just a flow, but I can understand that some people need it, instead of them who love my books with no headlines, that read it in a flow from the first page as the intention was. And it's the only book I, myself read from the first page. But I had to ransack myself. How do I read books? If I was given a book of Poker, where would I start even if the author told me to start on page 1. I would turn some pages, jump from one chapter to another (because it had chapters ;) ) and I would be confused if I didn't find any. *a double sigh*

    And in that sighing, I also made a sigh for time, for the first in a long time. Yep, only to get going, work a lot since I'm now also some days behind. Readings should be priority one. And in that I know that I have all the readings for them who bought a year reading with 3 months predictions. But for once, that was something good with my dizziness.  I was so sure they were to be done now, but its a month left and I felt like a had some days added. 

    Then it was the next event through a status on Facebook; a newspaper had an article about a fraud, some company that has a psychic telephone line and they not even psychic. Then I know that my telephone line is needed and that makes me thing how long can I just put my head in the sand? I want to have it, and then I hate to be stuck on time, I cant answer in the morning or even worse in the evening and at daytime, nobody calls. This is something I need to find an answer to. Please God, thanks for your guidance, Thanks.

    Some guidance may I already got, from the daily letter from Neale Donald Walsch.
    On this day of your life
    Dear Friend, I believe God wants you to know ...
     ... that "Why is this happening?" is the most useless
    question in the Universe.
    The only really profitable question is, "What?" As in,
    "What do I choose now?" This question empowers.
    The "why" question simply perplexes, and rarely
    satisfies even when it gets a good answer.
    So don't try to "figure it out." Stop it. Just focus on
    what you now wish to create. Keep moving forward.
    There's nothing behind you that can serve
    you better than your highest thoughts about tomorrow.

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