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    ylva161203.jpgHi there! I´m Ylva, I´m the Swedish Tarot Queen, and this is my homepage in English. 

    Please be patient because I have written a lot and it will take me some time to translate it from Swedish to English.
    I hope that you will like what you read and that you look forward to my upcoming books and distance courses in English.

    I have written 26 books, 16 of them are about Tarot, and other titles are about crystals, aura, and colors, astrology, healing. I work full-time writing and creating in these subjects. I have also created som decks. If you click on Prisma Tarot, then you will find my Tarot deck that has the theme of colors, totems, astrology and runes. If you click on Yiang Symbol, you will land on another page for that deck. Both these decks are in English.

    Feel free to send me an email at contact@ylvatrollstierna.com

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    The bliss

    By Faith, 2017-09-23

    After three months I'm now back in Medford for a new retreat with Neale Donald Walsch. This time "Home with God".

    No blog for three months because I have had a full-time with life in Swedish and now I'm in a bliss of happiness for having the key to find all answers.

    I will be back here with the same text as on my Swedish page, but at the moment I'm in this bliss and my brain has just gone into a relaxing mode.

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