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    Being in the energy of four

    By Faith, 2018-08-23
    Being in the energy of four

    Did you know that I started to interpret Tarot when I was 14 years old when I lived in Nottingham, England?  My first deck was a Rider-Waite and with it followed a small "pamphlet" that had a short text about each card. At that time, I didn’t understand that Tarot was a system, a perfect one, for me it was 78 completely separate cards. Today there are five suites, some called Major Arcana with 22 archetypal life events and then four suites that have the Cards Aces (1) to 10 as we can read out more numerological as well as four personality cards; Page, Knight, Queen and King who are different phases that we can be. Each suite based on an element, such as rods that are fire. Fire is the driving force, the action of energy.

    Over the years, different decks have shuffled in my hands, except Rider Waite who has always been my favorite, I have also interpreted in Thoth, Connolys, Hanson Roberts and many more and since 2013, my Prisma Tarot deck has been my favorite, probably because the foundation created as I want to see It. What is nice about development is new insights, Prisma Tarot is sold out, I hold two decks in reserve. But I've also started to create a new version of it. 4 of wands is what you see in the picture. 

    The basic idea of the new version is to allow all element entities to appear more clearly in their element; this is the Salamander, the essence of the fire element. Prisma Tarot had a white background; this version will have a black background but also four circles. One in every corner, in one, Yiang symbol will be, in the next one totem animals, in the third the astrological symbol and the fourth the crystal that carries the card's energy. 

    Already in 1996, I created my first Tarot deck, it was called Crystal Wolf, Ylva means wolfness in Latin and that deck also had power animals and painted crystals. Now, many years after, it feels like I found the wholeness of the two and the suit of Wands is painted. I am not able to paint proper, I have my style, I am well aware, but I do not think Picasso could paint either ;)

    For me it is essential to the wholeness on each card, to get the most important aspects that give clues to the card's energy for pictures can be significant. Yes you know, a picture says more than a thousand words. Hum, almost that I was attempted to write 1000 words about every card:)

    My suit of Wands in the new Prisma Tarot has the salamanders as the entity; they are "burning" essence, which shows what they are passionate about and wands are the energy that has fire as a driving force. It should happen something all the time. There is only one "negative" card in the suit of wands, and that's  5 of Wands that indicates frustration, that is when nothing happens or happens what we craved. 

    The entire deck background will be black (as on my version of Crystal Wolf), partly to bring out the colors but not only that, black is the color that contains all the colors, that is to say, all energies. The rod is a symbol of the wands, it is the same thing, a rod, a wand, something that is of wood that burns quickly, but they are not burning on all the cards, but I will explain that with each card.

    On this card, the salamander stands and holds two wands, which is equal to ambition, and he has two wands next to him that are already created by the ambition. He owns what he created, just as it is with 4 of wands that according to old tradition shows betrothal but then not for the thought of love. Instead, its given that association for creating more massive land. And so it is with 4 of Wands, experience from it started in the Aces of Wands, the ambition of 2 of Wands, the impulsive, what dares evolve in 3 of wands to own the control, the structure found in a four in 4 of Wands.

    Today I feel like 4 of wands; I have made all previous bookings, the horoscope is ready, I now have time for me to answer my mailbox, my folders to be sorted after the data crash. Easier now because I've been in that turn earlier and have most of it on an external hard drive and in the cloud. The wisdom that comes with a 4th after going through the restarts of the way of operation that is in the aces of rods.

    I own my situation, just like with 4 of Wands. But after 4 of Wands will 5 of Wands come, remember? Frustration will probably be a bit in it because I want to both continue painting my deck, write my book on Tarot for readings while I have the privilege of having conversations through my page and Inspirit workshop. But I've been there before too. Therefore I thought to slip through that aspect quickly to land in 6 of Wands 

    Though all beginnings start with Ace of Wands (neither with the hen or the egg) and you can go into that energy now. Start reading the text on the subject Tarot that you find here. Take the opportunity, dust off your deck, do a spread and start taking control of your energies, just like 4 of Wands indicates. 


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